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Atomer ULV Sprayer


There is a waiting period of 3 weeks for this product.

  • High-speed rotary atomizer (more than 10 000 rpm)
  • Independent air chemical control valve.
  • Moving atomizer head for more convenient application.
  • Optimized design for small scale work.
  • The consumption of chemicals and water is minimized while pests or disease control effect is maximized due
  • to the spray system of the ultrafine particles.
  • 4 L tank, 1 2 L/min discharge rate 20 50 micron droplet size 4 3 kg dry weight 6 m
  • Electrical cord
We accept the following payment methods.

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Electric Ultra Low Volume Sprayer ATOMER

High speed (more than 10,000rpm) rotary atomizer is accepted. It makes ultra-fine particles of chemical, minimised chemical consumption and maximized pest or diseases control effect.

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