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Dragonfly Portable Fogging Machine


There is a waiting period of 3 weeks for this product.

  • Size MM:490*170*350
  • Packing size MM:500*190*360
  • Net. Weight KG:1.4
  • Solution tank L:2
  • Particle diameter:5-30 PM
  • Fuel:Butane(220G gas tank)
  • smoke agency:Special smoke agency or 0# diesel oil
  • Start mode:Piezoceramic igniter ignition
We accept the following payment methods.

Product & Order information

High quality multi-purpose easy to use thermal fogger for water and oil-based products.

Also known as the disinfection machine insecticide spray machine. Pulsed thermal smoke generator. Plant protection fog machine. Agricultural smoke generator. Butane smoker. Thermal smoke machine. Household disinfection and anti-epidemic micro-fume. Disinfector insecticide sprayer.

The pulsed thermal smoke generator has a reasonable structure, lightweight, no noise and easy operation. The liquid is fully atomized when spraying, and the particle size of the drug mist is less than 50 microns. The drug mist can be diffused in the working area for a long time, achieving all-round deposition, strong penetrability, no dead angle, and good insecticidal sterilization effect.

It is mainly used in fumigation control of public places such as houses, restaurants, shops, warehouse, school communities, hospitals, etc. and is widely used in health and epidemic prevention departments, military bases and vegetable greenhouses. It can quickly kill outdoor gardens, insects, mosquitoes, etc. to eliminate epidemic prevention operations.

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