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Kills 99,99% Bacteria on contact Biodegradable, alcohol free antibacterial mist. Perfect for offices, cars and houses.

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HYDROMIST is a biodegradable, aqua and alcohol based antimicrobial misting sanitiser with patented nanno ingredients specifically formulated to deliver long lasting combatants against the viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungus and spores found in homes, workplaces, schools and healthcare facilities. HydroMist’s unique nanno formulation enables it to disinfect an area five times larger than other conventional fogging or misting systems.

HYDROMIST activates the very instant it comes in contact with a surface by producing a nanno high tension antiviral and antibacterial agent on the surface, instantly breaking down the lipid membrane surrounding the virus and bacteria. This enables the nanno titanium, copper, silver and hydrogen peroxide to rapidly attack the DNA of the bacteria and the protein and RNA of the virus. The nanno formulation prevents the replication of the virus and bacteria, allowing the hydrogen peroxide to rapidly suffocate the DNA/RNA, permanently destroying it.

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